Source and binary downloads of core items, plugins, data models, examples and more.

Core downloads

Server, Engine and Client

OrigoDB Server

Package containing 32/64-bit binaries, examples and scripts
Release date: 2014-02-12
Build version: 0.2.5156.26077
A license is necessary to activate the server. Send us an email and we will provide you with a trial license for non-production use.

OrigoDB Core

The core embedded engine and client library.
Install-Package OrigoDB.Core


Protobuf Formatter

Install-Package OrigoDB.ProtoBuf

Json Formatter

An IFormatter implementation using Newtonsoft.Json serialization
Install-Package OrigoDB.JsonNetFormatter

Event Store

Command journal storage module targeting Event Store v2
Install-Package OrigoDB.EventStore


Command journal storage module targeting NEventStore
Install-Package OrigoDB.NEventStore

Log4Net Plugin

Install-Package OrigoDB.Log4Net

Data models


A native NET data model implementing a subset of the same data structures and commands as redis.
Included with OrigoDB.Core starting from version 0.18



A distributed blog search engine


Demonstrates the MVCC immutable model features using the Microsoft.Bcl.Immutable collections

Todo example

Custom oo domain model with explicit commands with wpf and command line client.


A simplistic example tracking player positions on a 2D map

Getting started

A really simple command line app demonstrating the basics.

Twitter clone

Rich domain model with implicit commands. command line app and ms unit tests.


OrigoDb workshop

Training material for OrigoDB including slides (ppt or pdf) and hands-on labs with instructions.